How to download a file from Letitbit?

How to download a file from Letitbit?

1. Goto Letitbit file Location. 
     Example : http://letitbit.net/download/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.html

     You will see the following image.

    Here you should press "Download on slow speed" Button.

2. After this you will be Re-directed to another Page. Here you should press "After advertisement and 60 sec. waiting" Button.

3. Wait for 60 seconds on same window.

4. Type the correct CAPTCHA image on text box and press done.

5. Click the "Link to the file download" button.

6. Download the software.

Thats it.. Thanks.

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  1. Helpful blog! Hoping you can help me. I'm going nuts trying to download from letitbit, rapidgator, and nitroflare, lately. With Letitbit, when I click slow download, an exe downloader pops up, and then it never redirects me to the second page, with the countdown. Any ideas? And any tips what to do with the sites where 90% of the time you get a 'this file can only be downloaded by a premium client'? I know there HAS to be a workaround, but I can't find it. Thanks so much for your help! I'm desperate. ;)